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Wedding planning is a big business. There are some many details to keep track of the bride and the groom may feel overwhelmed. The wedding planner can make sure that everything down to the last detail is well planned and help relieve stress for the happy couple. There are some tips on becoming a wedding planner and how to get a share of this business.

A wedding planner is going to need to be educated. A person will need a high school diploma or a GED in order to continue their education for wedding planning. A person should then continue their education. Some college majors that can help a person succeed in this career including marketing or public relations. While in school a person should look for an internship with a catering company or event planning service to get used to working with customers and meeting their needs.

Once a person has some experience they should take a wedding consultant course. These courses can be taken in the classroom or over the internet. Here a person will learn the ins and out of a wedding and how to make their customers happy. Others topics covered in these courses include etiquette, and working with vendors. These courses can help them earn certificates with the Association of Bridal Consultants and the Association for Certified Professional Wedding Consultants. This will impress clients and show that a person knows how to properly plan a wedding.

Once a person has the certifications they need to find clients. They can market their service online on social media sites and webpages. They can contact old employers in the industry and ask for recommendations. They can also work at related services until the business gets off the ground.

To be a good wedding planner a person has to be thorough. They will need to take the ideas and tastes of the clients and turn them into a reality. A wedding is a special event for a couple and the wedding planner has to make sure everything is perfect. They need to pay attention to the taste and desires of the clients when booking a venue, helping select the cake, putting together seating arrangements, helping with the guest list and invitations, helping the couple select a budget, and planning everything down to the list of songs that will be played at the reception. Some of the clients will be very demanding so a wedding planner has to learn how to have patience and be professional and understanding in all situations. A wedding planner also has to be well organized. They need to meet deadlines, manage their time, and be able to multitask. The wedding planner should contact their clients and vendors often to make sure that everything is on schedule and is working out as planned.

These are just some of the qualifications and education that a person needs to be a wedding planner. This career can be very rewarding and there is a high demand for qualified wedding planners.

If you feel that you have all of the above, and even more – please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for talented and experienced planners!

Find The Perfect Wedding Planner

When it’s about a wedding, usually the ladies take all the responsibilities for organizing it. Sometimes, Married-Couple-psd45330their significant other helps them, but the men are less interested in what color has the porcelain or what flowers should be on the tables of the guests.

This is why, when this event has a fixed date already, you need a good wedding planner. It’s not that you can’t do it alone, but there are indeed too many details that you have to pay attention to and you might forget something important. The wedding planner is the perfect person to help you have the perfect wedding – the wedding of your dreams.

Let’s see how you can find a wedding planner in just a few easy steps.

Get Recommendations

Once you’ve decided you need a wedding planner, ask your friends maybe they know someone who is in this business. Some of your friends or family might have used recently the services of a wedding planner, and they might make you a good recommendation to use the services of some person or other.

It’s not impossible to find something relevant in this query, but you will, at least, learn about their own experience with the wedding.

The Online Environment

When you’ll open up the online environment, you’ll definitely see plenty of wedding planners that have slide3_img1presentational websites. Take a look on the web sites and see which one is kept up to date. Usually, there should be posts or relevant content, something uploaded recently, reviews, and anything else you might want to find. The contact information is relevant, so take the address and telephone number.

The Meeting

Once you’ve decided on a few of them, call them and set up a visit. The first meeting should be about knowing each other and presenting your ideas – see if they could realize what you want, if they have the ability, the license, qualification and experience. It’s not hard to ask them, but if you see any delay in their answer, they might not be ready for the job. Don’t choose someone who passes you to a secretary or an assistant – you need to discuss the details with the planner, not with the planner’s help personnel.

The Portfolio

Every respectable wedding planner has a portfolio that they take pride in. Ask them to see some photos from the wedding they have organized – they will surely have them, along with other details – what was requested, what was delivered, how was the setting, the location and so on.

Someone who clearly knows how to present you and who gives you all the information about the things you want to find out, have definitely organized those weddings.

The Price

Wedding-Planner-1Ask for a free estimation – many wedding planners will be able to present this, according to your ideas and based on what you want. Choose someone who fits within your budget. One small trick – don’t say what budget you have available, but let them tell you their price. Quality is indeed more expensive, but you will be able to differentiate between those who ask for more money out of habit and those who also offer quality services.

The Contract

Last, but not least, make sure you have a contract. Once you have chosen the wedding planner that you want, ask them to make and sign a written contract for their services. You will have to pay for a good sum of money, and if something goes wrong, you will have to know who is responsible for everything. It’s a way to ensure that the services will be delivered in the needed time at the requested quality.